Where Do You

See Yourself?

The College of Policing is working in partnership with police forces across England and Wales. All Home Office police forces in England and Wales are eligible to take part in the programme. Participation is voluntary and, as such, the number of forces and the total number of available places varies from year to year.

The College of Policing are pleased to announce that North Yorkshire Police will be participating in the recruitment of the Direct Entry Inspector programme in 2020 and are now recruiting.

Applications for Direct Entry Inspector at Cumbria Constabulary have been paused while the force reviews its current recruitment arrangements for the coming year.

The force has successfully recruited two Direct Entry Inspectors and a newly qualified Fast Track Inspector. Participation in the recruitment for Direct Entry Inspector will be reviewed by the force again at the end of the year.

The College of Policing continues to support 11 forces across England and Wales who are working to recruit direct entry officers.

The two-year programme is a blend of classroom learning delivered at the College of Policing’s regional training centres, and operational training and development in your chosen police force. You’ll spend 80% of your training working on operational rotations - learning first-hand what policing is all about. The remaining 20% of your time will primarily consist of taught lessons delivered at one of the College of Policing's sites, most likely Ryton or Harperley Hall.